Who We are

We are the first online PR portal in Rajasthan. News Wire Rajasthan is not just a service for submitting press releases. We are a press release distribution service with extensive experience and we know very well how to make a press release interesting for journalists, having received the maximum number of publications. With our help, you will save time and resources of your company.

Our main advantage compared to other services for sending a press release is an attentive approach to the client. Get in touch with us, we are always open and promptly solve any questions that may arise.

Our team submits your Press release to Publishing and distributing in Rajasthan leading media publications and some of news agricators including National and Regional Newspapers, TV Channels, English, and Hindi magazines and other distribution networks ensures instant listing on Google News and other news engines. It also increases the chances of your release being picked up by search engines such as Yahoo and Google.This entire means is that your press release has a much greater chance of being noticed as compared to anywhere else.

Instant Visibility

Instant access to over 5,000+ media points and journalists across Rajasthan

Exponential Reach

Get your news covered in print and online news, social and broadcast media

Cost effective

An extremely cost effective pay per use model of engaging with your potential customers